My name is Josko and this is my fitness story…

I not only lift weights and stay fit for the physical aspect.

When I first started lifting I was in a horrible place…

Failing grades and extremely low confidence.

But when I started to really get into fitness, something changed in me…

The things I was learning about getting stronger and getting fit were teaching me valuable life lessons and I didn’t even know it…

🏋️ Trying to get stronger and lift heavier every day taught me that in order for me to succeed I had to take on bigger goals to accomplish my dreams.

✔️ Failing reps helped me find out that failure doesn’t mean that I should to give up, it taught me that if I persevere I’ll come out stronger in the end.

💪 Spending every day in the gym and not seeing results until 6 months or a year later taught me that all the good things in life take a long long time to accomplish.

Lifting weights was the catalyst to all the good things that I have in my life right now.

Where am I now?

I own my own business, and a business that I LOVE

I have a team of personal trainers that work under me that are spectacular people with huge ambitions and massive hearts

I have a beautiful wife, who works with my on the business so we can spend all our time together

And I have lifting weights and fitness to thank for all of that.

Lifting weights saved my life.