5 Exercises to Get Ready for Hiking Season in Vancouver

As winter fades away, and Vancouverites swap their cozy corners for rugged trails, it’s time to dust off those hiking shoes and gear up for adventure. But before you hit the picturesque trails of Vancouver, it’s crucial to prepare your body for the challenges ahead. To help you stride confidently through the lush landscapes, here are five targeted exercises tailored to enhance your hiking prowess:


Squats are more than just leg exercises; they’re the cornerstone of a robust fitness regimen. By strengthening your quads, glutes, and core, squats provide the stability needed to navigate uneven terrains with ease. Start with bodyweight squats and progressively add resistance to mimic the demands of hiking. Whether it’s a Goblet Squat or a Barbell variation, mastering this fundamental movement will fortify your lower body for the trails ahead.


Embrace the granddaddy of glute exercises – the Deadlift. This compound movement mimics the hip extensions essential for propelling yourself up steep inclines. Whether you prefer the classic Barbell Deadlift or opt for variations like the Romanian Deadlift, Deadlifts build strength and resilience in your posterior chain, vital for conquering Vancouver’s challenging trails.


Walking lunges replicate the dynamic motions of hiking, engaging key muscle groups while enhancing balance and coordination. Experiment with variations like the Walking Lunge or the Deficit Lunge to challenge your body in new ways. Progress gradually from stationary lunges to walking lunges, preparing your muscles for the twists and turns of Vancouver’s scenic pathways.

The Hamstring Curl isolates and strengthens the muscles crucial for forward motion while hiking. Utilize variations like the Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl or the Foam Roller Isometric to effectively target your hamstrings, glutes, and core. With consistent practice, you’ll enhance stability and prevent injuries on the rugged trails of Vancouver.

Step Ups

Step-Ups simulate the motion of ascending steep trails, building strength in your hip flexors, quads, and glutes. Whether you’re scaling mountains or conquering everyday obstacles, mastering this exercise will improve your endurance and agility. Customize your step-ups by adjusting the height and adding resistance, ensuring a tailored workout experience.

By incorporating these five exercises into your training routine, you’ll strengthen your body and elevate your hiking experience in Vancouver. Embrace the challenge, step by step, and unlock the boundless beauty of British Columbia’s wilderness. Ready to embark on a new adventure? Reach out to our team of fitness professionals for personalized guidance and support. Let’s journey together towards greater strength and exploration.

Written by Brandon Frederickson
Brandon (Freddy), is a personal trainer at Kraken Fitness and an avid outdoorsman. He likes anything anything in nature, be it hiking, camping or hunting. If you ever need to get fit for activities outside, he’s your man!