Every New Year, thousands of people flood into gyms in Vancouver to get back in shape after gaining some weight over the Holidays.

But as many of us know, the statistics are against them. Most people end up failing well before they reach their goals.

Take some notes on this blog, because I will be sharing some high-level tips on how you can stay disciplined enough to reach your goals this year. Read, apply, and GROW.

Do something that actually works

This first one should be obvious, right? Nope. Most people that start their fitness journey think they know it all. But they just end up over complicating things.

If you want to see results, you can’t just commit to any program, you must commit to one that works!

95% of people in the gym, go in day in and out doing the exact same thing, and getting the exact same result.

Trust me, I’ve been down this road before. You read few articles on bodybuilding.com, get motivated and think you know it all. And after two months down the road, you barely made any changes and it’s discouraging AF.

That’s where most people start failing.

Your program shouldn’t be hard to stick to

You might say, “I know my way works because, two years ago I did it and I saw results!”

And my reply to that is, “Then why do you have to start all over again?”

If your program is not sustainable, then you’re doing it wrong! If you have to get back in shape every year, then you have to rethink your fitness program.

You think all you have to do is “eat clean” or “avoid sugar” is what it takes to get in shape?

Little do you know, that’s the reason why you can’t sustain your program long-term. It’s too damn difficult!

At Kraken Training, we focus on a sustainable approach to fitness. You will never feel overwhelmed and that motivation you have right now will carry you all the way until next year.

Avoid injury like the plague

Going from training 0 days a week to 5, mixed in with lack of knowledge of proper form and low calories, you’re just begging for injury.

People tend to train through their injuries, until they’re so bad that they just give up.

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably never heard about bracing your core or packing your shoulders during bench press.

In fact, the number one way people get injured during exercise is running improperly. You think you would know how to do something simple as running?

You think that stretching the muscle is going to help, but it might be making it worse. Stretching a pulled muscle isn’t going to do anything.

People think that exercising is second nature, but it’s not. Just because you have a body doesn’t mean you know how to use it. You have vocal chords, doesn’t mean you know how to sing!

You think you can do it on your own

Look, this isn’t the first time you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle and get in shape. But with the right guidance it can be the last.

If you want to learn more about what we can do to help you get guaranteed results, then apply for a free consultation with one of our elite coaches.

See you inside.