What is a Functional Movement Screening (FMS)?

The FMS was developed to help fitness professionals assess
their clients’ movement patterns.

The FMS is a pre-participation tool designed to help us
figure out your mobility restrictions and allows us to know which exercises we
need to implement in order to see the best possible results.

This tool is not just for athletes. On the contrary, this
tool helps beginners understand what prevents them from moving properly and in
return helps them stay injury free.

We are all born mobile and symmetrical. But over time, we
develop muscle imbalances, which make us less efficient and more prone to

Every person, including beginners and athletes, should do
the functional movement screening. You’ll learn things about your body and
movement mechanics that will blow your mind. And You’ll understand why your
shoulder hurts when you do bench press, or why your knee hurts while running.

When you come in for your initial free consultation, we will
walk you through the FMS. There are seven tests, which are all scored on a
scale of 0 to 3. A score of 0 means the movement causes pain, and a score of 3
means that you were able to perform the movement perfectly with no


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Here’s What We Do In The FMS Assessment:

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Overhead Deep Squat

During this test, you will be asked to hold a dowel road above with your arms straight, and squat as low as you can.

Hurdle Step

The hurdle step is designed to test your stability and hip shift. You will be asked to step over a hurdle that’s a little below knee height. While holding the dowel across your shoulders, step over and touch your heel down to the other side and return your leg to the starting position.

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In-Line Lunge

You will position your feet pointed forward and inline with
eachother. The trainer will tell you to do a basic lunge holding the dowel
behind your back until your knee touches the ground, and then return to the
starting position.

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Shoulder Mobility

You will be asked to make thumbs-in fists and put both hands behind your back at the same time. One hand will go over your shoulder and the other one will come from the bottom and reach up the back. The closer your hands are together, the better.

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Active Hamstring Leg Raise

Lying on your back, arms at your sides, you will be asked to
raise one leg up as high as you can without bending your knee. The other leg
will remain straight on the floor.

Trunk Stability Push Up

You will be asked to perform a push up with your hands
aligned with the top of the forehead for men and form the chin for women.

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Rotational Stability

You will be asked to get down on all fours. Raise your arm
and leg until they are parallel to the floor, the touch your right elbow to
your right knee, extend the arm again and return to the start position.

If you’re serious about your results and you want to commit
to an exercise program that will not only yield results but help you sustain
them for a lifetime, then give a call and we’ll set your up with a free
consultation. We will do the FMS with you and help you understand your mobility

Wanna Try The FMS?

Our FREE consultation includes a full FMS assessment.

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