The Reason Why I Don’t Write Meal Plans

Many of my clients come to me looking for meal plans, and some of them get disappointed when I say that I don’t write meal plans. To me, meals plans are a waste of time and can be DANGEROUS in some situations. You can become nutrient deficient if you stick to a rigid meal plan for long enough.

First of all, I’m not a registered dietician, so it’s not within my scope of practice to write out a specific meal plan. But even if I were, I wouldn’t write out meal plans because it’s not so black and white. You need a variety of different foods, and if I write you out a rigid meal plan, the chances are that I’m going to miss something and you could easily become deficient in a vitamin. And worst of all, you gain the mentality of “I’m on a meal plan, or I’m not, and when I’m not, I’m not healthy…”

And what happens when one morning when you wake up, you have to eat three eggs, and you find out that you ran out of eggs? You end up having the kids cereals, and then you feel like the whole day is “ruined.” And then you go on to ruin the rest of your meals by eating junk because you “wasted the day anyway.”

With my calorie counting approach, I can easily substitute the eggs for a protein shake. I still get my exact macronutrients, and I don’t feel bad about it.

I witness so many people wanting to change their life, and they put themselves on these crazy restrictive diets, only to fall off quickly after they mess up just one day. Why not find something that’s easy to stick with long term? Why torture yourself day in day out?

I challenge you to download My Fitness Pal and start tracking your calories. You’ll see that tracking your calories is much easier than restrictive diets and meal plans, on which you fail quickly after starting.

Let me know your thoughts! Have you tried a restrictive diet or meal plan only to fail a few weeks or days later? I bet you’re not alone.

Yours Truly,
Josko Kraken

Josko Kraken