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From knee surgery to 10% increase muscle mass!

Herniated disc with severe sciatica no more!

Losing fat and now she can fit her high waisted denim shorts again!

​Worked on correct movement during exercise and got stronger!

Overall health has improved and she doesn't feel weak and tired anymore!

Opened Catalin's eyes to a whole new world of training!

​Bob says he feels like an unstoppable beast!

​No more knee pain and 10lbs down! WOOO!

​Correcting her technique and gaining rapid strength!

She never thought that she would enjoy lifting heavy weights!

​Feels stronger and gained some serious muscle mass!

​Richard's technique was way off, but not anymore!

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Some Video Testimonials To Prove Our Worth

Check out these happy clients :)

See how Bob lost over 10lbs, and did his first 300lb deadlift

See how Alissa lost 40lbs and completely changed her life

See how Nick gained 30lbs and did his first 5 pull ups

See how Angela gained 10lbs of muslce and boosted confidence

See how 58 year old Maureen is maintaining muscle mass

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Proudly hitting personal records!

5 days, 5 workouts!

Back to highschool weight!

Finally seeing some abs!

Pushing limits and burning fat!

New PR's! WOOO!

​And Of Course, Some Transformations

Brings a tear to our eyes :')

Down 40lbs! Looking Like a Model!

Down 10lbs and confident to reveal it!

Down 10lbs, no more belly!

Down over 60lbs, seeing some definition!

Down 30lbs with a visible 6 pack!

Down 10lbs and more definition!

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