Good Foods vs Bad Foods

There are many reasons why you should eat high nutrient dense foods. But when is it ok to add a little junk food in the mix? Once a month? Once a week? Once per day?

A lot of people out there completely avoid “bad foods” at all costs. And when they finally eat them once, they feel horrible about it. Often after eating those bad foods, they have a mentality of “the day is ruined, I’m just going to eat like crap for the rest of the day.”

Can you relate to that mindset? I bet you probably can. I know I can.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with eating McDonald’s once per week. In fact,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating McDonald’s once per day as long as you eat a nutrient dense diet throughout the rest of the day.

No, you won’t die.

In fact, there will probably be absolutely NO measurable change in your health.

People believe that if you eat McDonald’s you’re unhealthy. And this was mentality was brought upon us by Super Size Me.

If you’re unfamiliar with supersize me, a guy named Morgan Spurlock wanted to prove that McDonald’s was bad for you, so he made a documentary of him eating McDonald’s every day and recording the results of his experiment.

I can’t believe there had to be a documentary to prove that McDonald’s is not good for you. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

However, if you believe that eating McDonald’s will kill you, you’re wrong.

Eating a Big Mac once per day will not cause your heart to stop.

Parents are more concerned about their children eating McDonald’s once per month than their kids exercising once per day.

To have a healthy child, you should have your them exercising for two hours per day MINIMUM. Not just avoiding junk food.

And you as an adult, shouldn’t be avoiding ice cream to be healthy; you should be exercising daily (at least daily 60 minute walks) and making sure you drink 2 liters of water per day.

Avoiding exercise will kill you, that’s guaranteed.

Drinking water daily and exercising daily would increase your health tenfold compared to avoiding a small bag of chips before bed while watching Netflix.

Moderation is the key.

Have a little of everything. I promise you will be okay as long as you exercise, drink water and sleep right.

But even if you don’t exercise and drink water, if you keep your calories low and include a little junk food within your caloric intake you will be okay as well.

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So yes, you can eat junk food! Best trainer ever right?

Yours Truly,
Josko Kraken


Josko Kraken