Our Mission

​To empower people to become the strongest, most aesthetic and athletic versions of themselves through a modern and scientific approach to fitness.​

The Story

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that dwells at the bottom of the sea. It's a very docile creature that, when left undisturbed, swims freely without anyone knowing that it even exists.

But when boats disturb the water above, it rises from the depths and reveals it's magnificence and glory.

What's fascinating about the story of the Kraken is the parallel we see with the story of our clients. The Kraken rises from the sea show it's true form, just as our clients rise above their challenges and show the best versions of themselves.


The ​System

At Kraken Training we’re not just personal trainers, we’re transformation experts. We love to see people change their lives, not only by improving their health, but also by making transformations outside of the gym. Often, we witness our clients quit jobs
they hate or leave relationships they loathe only to move onto a more fulfilling ones and it all started when they decided to change their health.

After years of training clients and countless hours of research, we developed the KRAKEN TRAINING SYSTEM to help our clients see results. We founded this system with years of hands on experience with clients as well as competing in bodybuilding and strength competitions. We use three core elements to build the foundation in order to reach real results. Those elements are:

  • ​Nutrition Fast Track

  • Strength Multiplier

  • Motivation Accelerator

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Hours: 5am-11pm Monday - Sunday
*based on staff availability

Location: 3972 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C7

We're located near Boundary Rd, right at the border of Burnaby/Vancouver

Phone Number: 778-322-3298