Suzana K.

 near Burnaby

Suzana K.

SFU B.S.Chem, ACE, HMS (Human Movement Specialist)


2019 Vancity Showdown Overall Bikini Champ Class C
2019 Popeyes Fall Classic 2nd Place Bikini C

I used to be really weak,

(I mean really weak)
and I was struggling with my mental health...

I always heard that working out was good for you,
but I honestly didn't even know where to start...

It wasn't until I decided that
enough was enough,
that things really started to change for me

I noticed the immediate benefits.

You know the usual stuff like

  • Increased muslce mass in the right places ;)
  • Better mood and energy
  • I slept better
  • Had more self love

Not only did I look better,
but I also FELT BETTER.

My friends started to notice,
and dating became a lot easier :)
And now I'm happily engaged!

The amount of good things that happened
after I started working out are just crazy.
I can't believe that this is my life now.

And I can honestly say that my fitness journey
is the reason why everything is going so well.

If you're on the fence about working out,
I want you to take the leap,

I guarantee you won't regret it :)


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