3 Ingredient Low-Carb Bodybuilding Wraps

I know a lot of you are interested in losing weight. And I also know that a lot of you love food. That’s why I’m going to add some recipes to this blog. And I’m going to make it fun by making recipe infographics that you can share with your friends!

I know I say, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. And I say this because I want you to stay sane while dieting. I’m against diets that force you to eat foods that you HATE and force you to stop eating the foods you LOVE. But it’s important to fill-up with low-calorie options as well. A client gave me this recipe, and I’ve been LOVING it. Way better than having to eat a 300 calorie tortilla filled with carbs and fat.

The focus of this recipe will be replacing tortillas, with a higher protein, lower carb option. I’ve made an infographic with the recipe to make things easier 🙂 Also remember to season it, at least with salt and pepper.

Let me know if you loved or hated it! I’d love to get some feed back!

And let me know if you want me to make more of these recipe infographics!

Bon Appetite!
Josko Kraken

Josko Kraken